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  Marika Georgiadis Farm
Greek Dried Figs from kastaniotissa Istiea Evia


Continuing a tradition of many years cultivating our figs with care and good agricultural practices, we produce our own figs in Kastaniotissa of Istiea Evia, a semi-mountainous village located in the northern part of the Telethrio mountains at an altitude of about 285 meters with a distance of about 8 km from Istiea North Evia Greece.

Our figs are harvested in the traditional way where they are then naturally dried under the hot August sun. For at least 3000 years, the fig has been one of the basic components of the human diet.


The famous "Tragimata" (dried figs) played an important role in the diet of the ancient Greeks. Their delicious taste as well as their high nutritional content made them the perfect addition to banquets and the continue to be enjoyed every day as a snack or simple dessert.

Dried figs are the ideal accompaniment to our daily diet.

  A few words about us...

The fig products are processed and packaged in our company where it has been based since 2013 in Istiea North Evia Greece.

By providing care and always paying attention to quality we are sure to offer you the best.

  From the Ancient civilizations of the Mediterranean

it was a type of first necessity to the point where it sometimes reached the point of replacing even bread, no coincidence that it was the main food of the athletes in the Olympic games as well as the fig tree in Ancient Greece was "sacred" dedicated to the God Dionysus.

The village of Kastaniotissa in Istiea-Evia is mostly made up of refugees from Asia Minor, who brought with them what they knew about figs.


The figs planted in the fields are the Smyrna variety which grew perfectly in the sloping, airy and sunny fields of the wider area. They are thin-skinned figs, which makes them ideal for drying.

In dried fig, there are much more B vitamins, they are necessary for the human nervous system, as they control the psycho-emotional environment. It is considered one of the fruits that keeps all its nutrients and preserves them even after drying.