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Marika's Tragedy
Farm of Marikas Georgiadis | Greek Dried Figs Istiea Evia


Our company "Marika's Tragimata" is a family business, which has been active for several years, with the production, packaging and distribution of figs, of excellent quality and unique taste.

Continuing a tradition of many years, we cultivate our figs, with care and good agricultural practices, thus producing our own figs in Kastaniotissa, Istiaia Evia. Kastaniotissa is a semi-mountainous village located in the northern part of Mount Telethrio, at an altitude of approximately 285 meters, with a distance of around 8 km from Istiaia.

  Our figs

they are collected in the traditional way, with effort, fun and passion. They are then naturally dried under the hot August sun, processed and packaged in our company, which has been based since 2013 in Istiaea Evia.

They are available in retail and wholesale, with the possibility of shipping throughout Greece.

By providing care and always paying attention to quality, we are sure to offer you a special product that should not be missing from your eating habits.

Our goal is on the one hand the satisfaction of the consumer and on the other hand to constantly expand the range of our products, always having as the main axis our excellent figs.

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